Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Baker Gets His Man

I am thrilled to tell you all that my newest release The Baker Gets His Man for Evernight Publishing's Romance on the Go line is now up and available!  And don't miss your chance to win a free copy!  Details below!


Romance on the Go

Jacob Stine, one of the owners of the town’s bakery, has wanted Race Carroway since the moment they first met.  Despite the obvious tension between them, he’d always assumed that the hunky mechanic would never be interested in him.  Jacob had resigned himself to admiring Race from a distance until the day he’s forced to call him for help.

When the encounter turns steamy and then abruptly ends, Jacob is torn between hurt and confusion.  He has to make the decision between finally moving on and trusting Race with one more chance.  Will the baker have what it takes to get his man?


He was aware of the way Race’s long fingers wrapped around the steering wheel and how the muscles in his arm bunched when he shifted gears.  The cab of the truck smelt like sweat and grease and a hint of the spicy cologne Race wore.  Normally the combination would smell unpleasant, but it only reminded Jacob of days spent staring out the bakery window and watching as Race pulled himself, sweaty and disheveled, from underneath whatever vehicle he was working on.  Jacob had always imagined what it would be like to make his way into the garage at night when Race was working late, to find him laid out on the creeper wrist deep in the undercarriage of some car or truck.  To kneel on the cold concrete floor, unzip the fly of Race’s worn jeans, pull his cock out and swallow it down.

Jacob had spent more than one night, alone in his bed, hand fisted around his own cock as he imagined the choked off sounds of surprise Race would make as he sucked him off nice and slow.  He tried to shake the thought off, tried not to get caught up in the fantasy when Race was only inches away from him, but it proved harder to do than he’d ever imagined. 

By the time Jacob saw his driveway in the distance he was half hard and sweating lightly, desperate to get out of the truck before he did something he’d regret.  Something like reach for the tab of Race’s jeans even though he was almost certain that Race wouldn’t welcome the gesture.  He was already reaching for his seatbelt as Race pulled into his driveway, but Race clamped a hand down on his shoulder and stopped him from leaping out of the truck.

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