Saturday, November 12, 2011


I have found the most magnificent site by the name of Goodreads!  It is an excellent site for all of the book lovers in the world.  I'm in the process of getting my authors profile connected to my regular profile so I'll be back when that is done!

Seriously though I highly recommend that you check this site out if you love books and would like to find others who love the same things you do.  You can discuss, review, and rate books along with so much more on this site.

It's magnificent!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Wolf For Haru Review

I am completely honored that A Wolf for Haru actually go reviewed on the wonderful site Top 2 Bottom Reviews!  It is a magnificent site that should be on everyone's list of go to places for reviews on homoerotic fiction.  The fact that the beauteous Michele took the time to review my debut novella truly made me walk on air for days.

The review can be found here: A Wolf for Haru Review

A Wolf For Haru: A Debut Shonen-ai/Yaoi Novella.

When Haru an outcast nature user, runs back into Saitou the wolf-demon who betrayed him after years of being apart, sparks fly. The two have a long and complicated history filled with love and hate, friendship and treachery. Can these two overcome the outside forces that are determined to tear them apart in order to learn that the truth is not always what it seems? Can they piece back together the shattered remains of the relationship that once meant everything to them?

“You belong with me.” The statement was slow, measured. 
It sparked the temper that Haru fought so hard to repress. He felt his blood heat, a different fire than the one he had felt only moments ago. This one was destructive, yearning to consume everything and turn it to ash. He slammed his eyes closed once again. He knew they would be glowing now, slivers of his abilities apparent in their depths. 
He needed to leave now, needed to get far away from Saitou and the gamut of dangerous emotions that he provoked. He gathered a fraction of that fire close to him, channeled it outward until it vibrated directly beneath his skin. It went against his nature, against the calm and control he had worked so very hard to maintain through everything, but he had no choice. Saitou was stubborn and would never willingly release him without some form of persuasion. 
He unleashed it, felt the burning arch through his body and his skin heat like flame. A sharp yelp followed by his arm being released and the smell of lightly burning flesh let him know his plan had worked. He darted toward the door, knowing better than to linger since the wolf would recover quickly. 
“I belong only to myself. You have not earned the right of ownership.” He threw the words over his shoulder as he scurried out of the room, dark growling sounding against the walls behind him. He was tired of being subservient to everyone, tired of the abuse.
He would bow down no longer.

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