Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kassanna's new release is a must own!

I've been given the honor, the privilege, of bringing you all a excerpt from Kassanna's new release Tell Me Touch Me Feel Me which I must say is something everyone needs to check out! Find her new marvelous release at Evernight Publishing! You'll be sorry if you miss this!

(Club Lexx Book Three)

He’d have her by any means necessary, even if it meant overcoming her secrets and cutting off his family.

Luther Lexington didn’t question why his brother sent for him but knowing John he was sure he had his reasons. What he didn’t expect was to find a mocha beauty, in the guise of security personnel that threw her fists first and asked questions later. From the moment she laid him low, he wanted to get her lower, as in under him.

Tanya Babineaux did what she was supposed to do as a Club Lexx security guard. Make trespassers leave by any means necessary. How was she to know he was the owners little brother. Now he corners her every chance he gets and she doesn't have time to play.

Tanya harbors a secret and if Luther didn’t stop chasing her…in the end she could lose it all. That is of course if his brothers don't ruin everything first.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cover art for Love in the Land of Fire

I just got my hands on the cover for Love in the Land of Fire and all I can say is WOW!

Sour Cherry Designs really goes above and beyond for the authors they work with and I could not be happier with this cover.  It really is everything that I could have wanted.

Check it out for yourselves and let me know what you think!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

13 Authors ~ 13 Cyber-sexy Stories


from Evernight Publishing.

A night at home on the computer doesn’t have to be boring… Feel like chatting? Or maybe doing something more daring? The stranger reaching out across cyberspace could be a creepy pervert, but what if he wasn’t? What if he’s a vampire, the sexy boy next door, or even your gorgeous boss? Thirteen tales explore all the delicious possibilities when online relationships lead to sexy encounters away from the keyboard.


The Satin Rose Experience by Sandra Bunino

Type Dirty to Me by Kassanna

Night Games by Carolyn Rosewood

Session Interrupted by Raven McAllan

Changing the Rules by Vanessa Devereaux

The Queen of Happy Endings by Annalynne Russo

Willing Her by Ashlynn Monroe

AFK: a C.O.V.E.N. Story by Casey Moss

The Stranger You Know by Melissa Hosack

Immortal Game by Danica Avet

Her Demon Charms by Xandra James

Up All Night by Jorja Lovett

Lara’s Liaison by Eve Meridian

Feeling kinky? KEYBOARDS AND KINK is now available on Evernight Publishing, AllRomance EBooks and Amazon.

Friday, June 8, 2012

So I've started work on my next project which is tentatively titled "Zophiel's Sin" and I'm happy to say that I already have 10k in words!  This is a story line that I've been playing with for some time now and I'm excited to finally be able to concentrate on it.  Hopefully it will be even better than the last story I just submitted to Evernight Publishing.  A story with angels is something that hopefully everyone will enjoy!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

I just received glorious glorious news!  My 40k work Love in the Land of Fire was just accepted by Evernight Publishing!  This story has been my baby for quite some time now and I was both happy and anxious to let it out of my arms in a manner of speaking.  I know that it'll have a good home with Evernight and hopefully it'll be able to reach out and touch some more people.  I'll keep everyone (if there's actually anyone out there reading this) informed on the progress and hopefully you all will excuse my partially incoherent flailing.