Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kassanna's new release is a must own!

I've been given the honor, the privilege, of bringing you all a excerpt from Kassanna's new release Tell Me Touch Me Feel Me which I must say is something everyone needs to check out! Find her new marvelous release at Evernight Publishing! You'll be sorry if you miss this!

(Club Lexx Book Three)

He’d have her by any means necessary, even if it meant overcoming her secrets and cutting off his family.

Luther Lexington didn’t question why his brother sent for him but knowing John he was sure he had his reasons. What he didn’t expect was to find a mocha beauty, in the guise of security personnel that threw her fists first and asked questions later. From the moment she laid him low, he wanted to get her lower, as in under him.

Tanya Babineaux did what she was supposed to do as a Club Lexx security guard. Make trespassers leave by any means necessary. How was she to know he was the owners little brother. Now he corners her every chance he gets and she doesn't have time to play.

Tanya harbors a secret and if Luther didn’t stop chasing her…in the end she could lose it all. That is of course if his brothers don't ruin everything first.

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